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  Advanced Visual Basic Techniques: Table of Contents  
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The chapters in this book center around specific example applications. The applications demonstrate advanced programming techniques, fully implemented and ready to run (in VB5).

Part One: Application Basics

1. ExpenseReporter
(show me)
The ExpenseReporter application allows the user to fill out and print a simple expense report. This example demonstrates:
  • Scrolling areas
  • Dynamic controls and enhanced navigation
  • SDI and MDI interfaces
  • Loading and saving data
  • Recent file list
2. ExpenseReporter (continued)
Chapter 2 continues the discussion of the ExpenseReporter application. It demonstrates:
  • Validating data and forms
  • High resolution printing
  • Print preview at different scales
  • Help
  • Context-sensitive help
  • About dialogs
  • Splash screens
3. AppointmentBook
(show me)
AppointmentBook is a meeting and appointment planning calendar that demonstrates:
  • Using bitmasks
  • MVC paradigm for complex interactions
  • Creating rotated fonts
  • Alarms
  • Nonrectangular forms
  • HTML help

Part Two: Add-Ins

Note that Microsoft changes the way Add-Ins work so much from release to release that the details described here for installing an Add-In won't work unless you have VB5.

4. PropertySetter
PropertySetter (show me) is an add-in that allows a developer to quickly examine and modify the properties of many controls on a form. It demonstrates:
  • Creating, testing, and installing add-ins
  • Modifying control properties in an add-in
5. Aligner
The Aligner (show me) add-in allows a developer to easily arrange controls in rows, columns, or rows and columns. It demonstrates:
  • Arranging controls
6. Scroller
The Scroller (show me) add-in allows a developer to easily create a scrolling area. The designer simply selects the controls that should be scrolled, and invokes the Scroller add-in. Scroller does the rest. This add-in demonstrates:
  • Creating add-in submenus
  • Creating scrolling areas
7. AddInMaker
AddInMaker (show me) is an add-in that creates other add-ins. Using AddInMaker a developer can build complex add-ins in a matter of minutes. Creating an add-in to make other add-ins provides a good review of add-in creation.

Part Three: Databasics

8. PeopleWatcher
PeopleWatcher (show me) is a simple corporate personnel system that demonstrates:
  • Using databases
  • Using the Data control
  • Using Data Access Objects (DAO)
  • Customizing user interfaces for users with different privileges
9. Query
The Query (show me) application is an ad hoc database reporting tool. It allows the user to enter and execute SQL database manipulation statements. This example demonstrates:
  • Creating databases
  • Composing SQL commands
  • Processing SQL statements
10. PeopleWatcher Remote
PeopleWatcher Remote is a version of PeopleWatcher that runs remotely on a network. By centralizing the database, this application makes database management much easier in a multi-user setting. This version demonstrates:
  • Accessing remote databases
  • Improving network performance

Part Four: Client/Server Applications

11. TimeSync
TimeSync (show me) is a client/server application that allows the user to synchronize the system clocks on two computers. This application demonstrates:
  • Testing client/server applications within the client
  • Testing client/server applications locally
  • Testing client/server applications remotely
  • Trouble shooting client/server applications
12. QueryServer
The QueryServer (show me) application provides remote database reporting and ad hoc query services. This application demonstrates:
  • Building a report list
  • Building a librarian to list reports
  • Creating query servers to generate reports
13. AsyncServer
AsyncServer provides remote reporting and ad hoc query services asynchronously. The user can request several reports and, if they are served by different computers, all of the reports can execute at the same time. This version demonstrates:
  • Building asynchronous servers in Visual Basic
  • Requesting reports
  • Generating reports
  • Displaying results

Part Five: ActiveX

14. The Alarm Control
Visual Basic's Timer control can schedule events at most roughly 60 seconds in advance. The Alarm control allows an application to wait for a events much farther in the future. This control demonstrates:
  • Control creation basics
  • Reading and writing property values
  • Delegating properties
  • Raising events
15. Bar Gauge
The BarGauge (show me) control allows the user to graphically view and modify a numeric value. This control demonstrates:
  • Drawing the BarGauge
  • Handling mouse events
  • Handling keyboard events
  • Enhancing the BarGauge
16. Histogram
The Histogram (show me) control uses BarGauges to display several data values. It provides its own scrolling area if necessary to display more data than will fit at one time. This control demonstrates:
  • Control arrays in custom controls
  • Scrolling data
  • Delegating to a control array
  • Supporting indexed properties
  • Raising indexed events

Part Six: ActiveX on the Web

17. ActiveX Controls on the Web
This chapter tells how Web pages can take advantage of ActiveX controls. It explains:
  • Ensuring safe use
  • Displaying ActiveX controls
  • Learning class IDs
  • Selecting colors
  • Loading data asynchronously
18. WebSurvey
The WebSurvey application presents a Web user with a survey form. When the user fills out the form, the results are sent to a Visual Basic program that stores them in a file. This example demonstrates:
  • Building a survey form
  • Sending data across the Web
  • Receiving data across the Web
  • Packing and unpacking data
19. SiteMapper
SiteMapper explores all of the Web pages it can reach from an initial location. It creates a list of the pages it visited and the graphic files they include. This example demonstrates:
  • Retrieving Web documents
  • Parsing Web URLs
  • Mapping Web sites


  Advanced Visual Basic Techniques: Table of Contents  
Overview Table of Contents Updates
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