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VB Helper is a free site containing tips, tricks, tutorials, example programs, and other information for Visual Basic developers.


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PayPal: RodStephens@vb-helper.com

Guilt-Free Giving

I use the VB Helper Web site to support my books. I post updates, corrections, source code, pictures, tables of contents, and other related material. Because I need to provide this support, VB Helper will not go away no matter what! This is not a "help keep the site free" pitch because the site will be free whether you chose to chip in or not. Donate only if you want to thank me for something useful you've found on the site or if you like the newsletter. What you give is up to you.


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Other Ways To Contribute

There are other ways you can contribute to VB Helper.
  • Email me to contribute your:

    • Tips
    • Tricks
    • Tutorials
    • Example Programs
    • Book/Product Reviews
    • Essays
    I will give you a free copy one of my books if you send me a good tutorial containing original material. Email me and tell me what you plan to write about before you start so you won't waste a lot of time if someone else is already working on that topic. I reserve the right to edit your work mercilessly (unless you don't want me to). If you're not a native English speaker, just do your best. I may ask you to help with shipping the book if it's too expensive. Offer good while supplies last.

  • Go to the VB Helper Q & A Page and help your fellow developers by answering some questions.

  • Use the links on this site to buy a book (VB Helper gets a small commission from Amazon).


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