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  Books: Terry Pratchett  
Hilarious comic fantasy in Discworld

Terry Pratchett has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Some estimates claim his books account for 2 percent of all book sales in Great Britain.

His Discworld series is a ridiculous romp through a fantasic world carried on the back of a giant space-turtle. Pratchett has a way with words that turns the most trivial event into an adventure! Utterly fascinating.

Note that you can easily read these books in any order. Prices are for books (paperback where available). Other media are much more expensive.


The Science of Discworld
368 pages, paperback.

Despite its title, this book is not about the science of Discworld. Rather it is about the science of our world using Discworld characters as a sounding board to provide interesting and amusing contrast. Did you know that:
  • Scientists weren't sure the first nuclear chain reaction would stop before blowing up the world?
  • The Earth once had a natural nuclear reactor in Oklo, Gabon?
  • The planet Mercury will probably leave orbit and possibly the solar system in about a billion years?
  • It took 50 years for scientists to accept the idea of continental drift?
  • In 2020, NASA hopes to launch a squadron of spacecraft to form an interferometric telescope with a baseline of several thousand miles that can easily image planets in other solar systems?
Space elevators, DNA, general relativity, quantum mechanics, pulsars, ... just about everything presented in a clear, not-too-technical way.
The Science of Discworld

The Last Hero
A must for serious Discworld fans. Tons of fantastic illustrations of Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde, Vetinari, Rincewind, Dunmanifestin, Ankh-Morpork, etc. Click here to see the cover featuring Cohen up close.
$24.50 160
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook
(special order)
Learn to cook Sheep's Eyeballs, Klatchian Delight, and Rat Pizza (or reasonable simulations).
$24.95 175

Discworld Books, Videos, and DVDs

The Color Of Magic $6.99 210

The Light Fantastic $6.99 241

Equal Rites $6.50 213
Mort $6.50 256

Sourcery $6.50 272

Wyrd Sisters $6.50 272

Pyramids $6.99 352

Guards! Guards! $6.99 384

(special order)
$15.95 155
Moving Pictures $6.99 229

(Feb 2002)

(Feb 2002)
Reaper Man
(special order)
$16.95 288

Witches Abroad
(special order)
$16.95 288

Small Gods $6.50 344

Lords and Ladies $6.99 282

Men at Arms $6.99 384

Soul Music $6.99 374

Interesting Times $6.99 288

Maskerade $6.99 358

Feet of Clay $6.50 320
Hogfather $6.99 384

Jingo $6.50 437

The Last Continent $6.50 390

Carpe Jugulum $6.99 378

The Truth $6.99 368
Thief of Time $6.99 368

Night Watch
Don't read any teasers or it'll spoil a small surprise early on. I will say that Sam Vimes is one of the main characters and Lu-Tse (aka Sweeper) is involved.
$17.47 338

The Wee Free Men
Nine-year-old Tiffany Aching becomes leader of the Nac Mac Feegle (Wee Free Men) and encounters the Queen of Faerie and other baddies.
$11.89 272

Monstrous Regiment
Adventures of a small military unit including a vampire, troll, Igor, and a young woman with an extra pair of socks. The action centers on the small kingdom of Borogravia.
$17.47 368

Other Projects

Good Omens
(w/Neil Gaiman)
$6.99 210


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