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  Custom Control Library: Updates  
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March 23, 2001
Several image processing controls assume you are using 8-bit color. Click here to download versions that work in higher color models.

March 23, 2001
Controls ImageSelector (47) and ThumbnailSelector (51) each contain two occurrences of the following line:
    file_name = Dir(DirList.Path & "\" & file_type)
This code doesn't work if the path returned by DirList ends in a "\". Click here to download fixed versions.

October 1, 1999
Fatal Link Errors

When you compile an ActiveX control, Visual Basic tries to create some files. If you try to create the control directly from the CD-ROM, this fails because you cannot create files on the CD-ROM.

To solve the problem, copy the files onto your hard disk.

While you're at it, select the files on your hard disk in Windows Explorer. Right click on them and invoke the Properties command, uncheck the Read-only check box, and click Ok.

Now you can load these files from the hard disk instead of the CD-ROM. You can create the files Visual Basic needs to compile the control. You can also modify the files and save changes.

July 18, 1999 by Stephen Lebans
UserControl Not Printing Correctly From Access

There is a known bug in the VB5 CCE that prevents controls from printing correctly from Access. The problem is fixed in VB6. For more information, look at Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q181877.

July 2, 1998
How to build a Custom Control OCX:
  1. Load the control's .vbp file or a .vbg test control group that contains it.
  2. Click on the control's project in the Project window.
  3. The File menu will now show commands for working with that project, including the Make Xxx.ocx command. Select that command and follow the instructions.


  Custom Control Library: Updates  
Overview Table of Contents Updates
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