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TitleCompare two variables of a user-defined type (UDT) to see if they hold the same values
KeywordsUDT, user-defined type, data type, compare
You can compare the structures one field at a time but that requires a bunch of If statements.

This program includes a function that uses the CopyMemory API function to copy the two structures into byte arrays. It then compares the bytes.

' Return True if these structures contain the same data.
Private Function MyTypesTheSame(a As MyType, b As MyType) _
    As Boolean
Dim i As Integer
Dim a_bytes() As Byte
Dim b_bytes() As Byte
Dim different As Boolean

    ' Copy the data into arrays of bytes.
    ReDim a_bytes(1 To Len(a))
    ReDim b_bytes(1 To Len(b))

    CopyMemory a_bytes(1), a, Len(a)
    CopyMemory b_bytes(1), b, Len(b)

    ' Compare the bytes.
    For i = 1 To Len(a)
        If a_bytes(i) <> b_bytes(i) Then
            MyTypesTheSame = False
            Exit Function
        End If
    Next i

    MyTypesTheSame = True
End Function
Robert Heinig points out that this will not work if the UDTs contain strings or object references. In that case, this method would compare only the addresses of the objects not the objects themselves. Other cases such as variants (where some bytes are irrelevant so it's conceivable that VB would not initialize them in the same way every time) may also cause trouble. For these reasons, you should use this technique with some care.

Robert also rounds the size of the UDTs up to the next multiple of 4 bytes so he can make the comparison using 4-byte integers instead of bytes. That will make things faster for large UDTs.

Mike Williams discovered a problem with this method. Because of byte alignment issues, Len doesn't always return enough bytes to compare the two structures properly. Consider the following structure:

Private Type MyType
    ' StringValue As String * 10
    IntegerValue As Integer
    LongValue As Long
End Type
Now consider the following test:
Dim a As MyType
Dim b As MyType

    With b
        .IntegerValue = 123
        .LongValue = 0
    End With

    With a
        .IntegerValue = 123
        .LongValue = 65536
    End With
The MyTypesTheSame function returns True even though the two structures have different LongValues.

You can fix this by replacing Len with LenB in the MyTypesTheSame function. Unfortunately then MyTypesTheSame doesn't work if the UDTs contain fixed-length strings. I guess in the worst case you'll have to compare the types one field at a time.

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