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TitleRemove an item from the middle of an array quickly
Keywordsarray, remove, delete, CopyMemory, MemCopy, RtlMoveMemory
CategoriesTips and Tricks
This example demonstrates two techniques. First, the RemoveArrayElement_Old subroutine copies items one at a time to shift them over the hole in the array. In the second method, the RemoveArrayElement_Str subroutine uses the CopyMemory API function to shift items over to fill in the hole. This method is much faster, depending on the type and size of the array.

Thanks to Josh Einstein.

Public Sub RemoveArrayElement_Old(AryVar() As String, ByVal _
    RemoveWhich As Long)
    '// Removes arrays the old way
    Dim strTempArray() As String
    Dim i              As Long
    Dim lngDestIndex   As Long
    If UBound(AryVar) - LBound(AryVar) = 0 Then
        Erase AryVar
        ReDim strTempArray(LBound(AryVar) To _
            (UBound(AryVar) - 1))
        lngDestIndex = LBound(AryVar)
        For i = LBound(AryVar) To UBound(AryVar)
            If i <> RemoveWhich Then
                strTempArray(lngDestIndex) = AryVar(i)
                lngDestIndex = lngDestIndex + 1
            End If
        AryVar = strTempArray
    End If
End Sub

Public Sub RemoveArrayElement_Str(AryVar() As String, ByVal _
    RemoveWhich As Long)
    '// The size of the array elements
    '// In the case of string arrays, they are
    '// simply 32 bit pointers to BSTR's.
    Dim byteLen As Byte
    '// String pointers are 4 bytes
    byteLen = 4

    '// The copymemory operation is not necessary unless
    '// we are working with an array element that is not
    '// at the end of the array
    If RemoveWhich < UBound(AryVar) Then
        '// Copy the block of string pointers starting at
        ' the position after the
        '// removed item back one spot.
        CopyMemory ByVal VarPtr(AryVar(RemoveWhich)), ByVal _
            VarPtr(AryVar(RemoveWhich + 1)), (byteLen) * _
            (UBound(AryVar) - RemoveWhich)
    End If
    '// If we are removing the last array element
    '// just deinitialize the array
    '// otherwise chop the array down by one.
    If UBound(AryVar) = LBound(AryVar) Then
        Erase AryVar
        ReDim Preserve AryVar(UBound(AryVar) - 1)
    End If
End Sub
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