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TitleRetrieve stock prices from the Web
Keywordsstock, quotes, prices, Web, Inet control, Internet Transfer control, download
CategoriesControls, Utilities
Testing this type of program can be difficult if you don't have a permanent Internet connection. This program works around this by providing a mode where it loads data from a text file instead of from the Web. If the USE_TEST_FILE constants is defiend as True, the program reads data from a text file. Otherwise it uses the Internet Transfer control (Inet) to send a query to a Yahoo stock server and reads the results.

The following code builds a query string similar to the following, which fetches stock quotes for DIS, COKE, amd MCI:


It uses the Inet control's OpenURL method to open the URL and read the result. The result is text similar to the following:


Notice that this isn't HTML so it will probably confuse your browser. The program, however, has no trouble displaying the resulting text.

' Set the following constant to True to load
' from a test data file instead of from
' the Web.
'Private Const USE_TEST_FILE = True
Private Const USE_TEST_FILE = False

Private Function LoadTestFile() As String
Dim fname As String
Dim fnum As Integer

    fname = App.Path & "\quote.htm"
    fnum = FreeFile
    Open fname For Input As fnum
    LoadTestFile = Input$(LOF(fnum), #fnum)
    Close fnum
End Function

Private Sub cmdGetQuotes_Click()
Dim not_first_symbol As Boolean
Dim symbol As String
Dim query_url As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim response As Variant

    MousePointer = vbHourglass
    txtQuotes.Text = ""
    ' Prepare a URL to get the quotes.
        response = LoadTestFile
        query_url = _
        For i = txtSymbol.LBound To txtSymbol.UBound
            symbol = LCase$(Trim$(txtSymbol(i).Text))
            If Len(symbol) > 0 Then
                If not_first_symbol Then _
                    query_url = query_url & ","
                query_url = query_url & symbol
                not_first_symbol = True
            End If
        Next i

        ' Open the URL.
        response = inetQuotes.OpenURL(query_url)
    End If

    ' Display the response.
    txtQuotes.Text = response

    MousePointer = vbDefault
End Sub

' Cancel any pending commands.
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
End Sub
Note that the data is separated by commas (that's what the "csv" means in the URL - Comma Separated Values) so you could use Split to easily separate the values and process them further.

For another example, see Retrieve stock prices from the Web, example.

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