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TitleTake Advantage of Intellisense
CategoriesTips and Tricks
A long routine name can make the routine's purpose easier to understand. It also means you have more to type and you must spell the name correctly. Visual Basic's intellisense feature can help but it normally only kicks in after you finish typing the routine's name. Sometimes you can make intellisense help you type a long routine name, too.

Suppose the OpenAndParseChoicesFile routine is in a module named IOStuff. If you type "IOStuff." then intellisense lists the public routines in the IOStuff module including OpenAndParseChoicesFile. You can select the routine name and enter its arguments using intellisense. When you are finished, you can delete the "IOStuff." from the front of the routine name if you like.

Similarly if you have a public routine in a form, within that form's code you can type "Me." to start intellisense.

Jake Lake, Willem Weideman, Gregory Hampton, and Gerard Beck had the following tips to add:

If you press Ctrl-Space, Intellisense pops up listing all of the routines available at that point. This also works in Delphi. You can still use "Me." or "Module." to get a list of the routines defined in the current form or module.

Also if you have an Intellisense item highlighted and you press Space, Enter, or a punctuation or operator mark (,+-=()), IntelliSense will complete the word and use the mark you entered. If you typed a period, Intellisense completes the word and lists the methods and properties of the object.

Thanks for the extra info everyone!

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