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TitleSee if the user clicked on a Line control
Keywordsdistance, point-to-line, line-to-line, point, line, Line control, click
CategoriesAlgorithms, Controls
Thanks to Steve Redmond for pointing out a bug in this code.

Check the distance between the point clicked and each Line on the form. If the closest Line is within 60 twips of the mouse, select that Line.

' Calculate the distance between the point and the segment.
Private Function DistToSegment(ByVal px As Single, ByVal py _
    As Single, ByVal X1 As Single, ByVal Y1 As Single, _
    ByVal X2 As Single, ByVal Y2 As Single) As Single
Dim dx As Single
Dim dy As Single
Dim t As Single

    dx = X2 - X1
    dy = Y2 - Y1
    If dx = 0 And dy = 0 Then
        ' It's a point not a line segment.
        dx = px - X1
        dy = py - Y1
        DistToSegment = Sqr(dx * dx + dy * dy)
        Exit Function
    End If

    t = (px + py - X1 - Y1) / (dx + dy)

    If t < 0 Then
        dx = px - X1
        dy = py - Y1
    ElseIf t > 1 Then
        dx = px - X2
        dy = py - Y2
        X2 = X1 + t * dx
        Y2 = Y1 + t * dy
        dx = px - X2
        dy = py - Y2
    End If
    DistToSegment = Sqr(dx * dx + dy * dy)
End Function

' See if the user clicked on a segment.
Private Sub Form_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As _
    Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
' Maximum distance that counts as a hit.
Const MAX_HIT_DIST = 60

Dim i As Integer
Dim best_i As Integer
Dim best_dist As Single
Dim dist As Single

    ' Deselect the previously selected segment.
    If m_SelectedSegment >= 0 Then
        With Line1(m_SelectedSegment)
            .BorderColor = vbBlack
            .BorderWidth = 1
        End With
        m_SelectedSegment = -1
    End If

    ' See which segment is closest to the mouse.
    best_dist = MAX_HIT_DIST + 1
    For i = Line1.LBound To Line1.UBound
        With Line1(i)
            dist = DistToSegment(X, Y, .X1, .Y1, .X2, .Y2)
            If dist < best_dist Then
                best_dist = dist
                best_i = i
            End If
        End With
    Next i

    ' See if this is close enough.
    If best_dist <= MAX_HIT_DIST Then
        m_SelectedSegment = best_i
        With Line1(m_SelectedSegment)
            .BorderColor = vbRed
            .BorderWidth = 3
        End With
    End If
End Sub
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