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  Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference  
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Rod Stephens
$39.99, 1272 pages, 2010
ISBN 978-0-470-49983-2

From the back cover:

Harness the capabilities of Visual Basic 2010

This comprehensive tutorial and reference guide provides programmers and developers of all skill and experience levels with a broad, solid understanding of essential Visual Basic 2010 topics and clearly explains how to use this powerful programming language to perform a variety of tasks. As a tutorial, the book describes the Visual Basic language and covers essential Visual Basic topics. Also serving as a reference guide, the material presents categorized information regarding specific operations and reveals useful tips and tricks to help you make the most of Visual Basic 2010.

Visual Basic 2010:

  • Reviews the forms, controls, and other objects that Visual Basic provides for building applications in a modern windowing environment
  • Discusses the latest features of Visual Basic, including auto-implemented properties, array literals and initializers, and nullable optional parameters
  • Explains how to customize the Visual Studio integrated development environment
  • Reviews WPF controls, error handling and debugging techniques, LINQ features, user access security, and more
  • Addresses object-oriented programming with Visual Basic 2010
  • Details the various graphics classes in the GDI+

This edition provides full coverage of new Visual Basic features including:

  • Auto-implemented properties
  • Collection initializers
  • Implicit line continuation
  • Multiline Lambda Expressions and Subroutines
  • IDE improvements

Who this book is for

This book is for programmers at all levels who either want to learn Visual Basic 2010 or have already mastered it and want some useful tips, tricks, and language details.

Wrox Programmer's References are designed to give the experienced developer straight facts on a new technology, without hype or unnecessary explanations. They deliver hard information with plenty of practical examples to help you apply new tools to your development projects today.

What reviewers have said (all editions)

Alan Fisher, VBUG (UK)
...I found that Visual Basic 2005 - Programmer's Reference is a well-written and organised reference book. It is suitable for programmers at all levels of ability, and as such it does not just concentrate on the program features and function syntax, but also on the underlying concept and intent of the feature... Full review.
Geoffrey R. Stokeld
...For me this book is just the right level. It doesn't assume your are an idiot or waste time on Windows basics. The 1058 pages (I have the electronic version) are full of concise explanations, just the right level of detail and hardly a page goes by without a relevent screen shot or code example (code is king!). There is a 6.7M zipped file of code samples that are full of really useful examples... Amazon reviews.

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  Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference  
Overview Table of Contents Source Code
Updates Wrox Forum Info at Wrox.com
All Editions Sample Chapters

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