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Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference
Stephens' Visual Basic Programming 24-Hour Trainer
Stephens' C# Programming with Visual Studio 2010 24-Hour Trainer
Beginning Database Design Solutions
WPF Programmer's Reference
Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference
Bontq bug trackingBug & issue tracking system and a project management tool. $9 to $149 per month.
OrgChart by OfficeWork SoftwareOrg chart software. Standard edition: $59.95. Pro edition: $149.99 - $999.99 depending on the number of people in your organization. For the corporate edition (up to 15,000 people), request a quote.
HTML Help GeneratorAdd-in geneators that generates HTML help files.
NewCodeTool that converts legacy VB code into VB.NET or C#. Free trial. $99 and up for full versions.
Aha-Soft cursor and icon softwareA suite of icon and cursor tools including ArtIcons, a powerful icon editing tool. Free trial versions.
VIP Task ManagerA networked client/server application for group collaboration and task management. It allows all users to share, track, and report on all tasks. Free trial, $60 - $125 to purchase.
.NET Chart Control2D and 3D charting control (uses OpenGL). $11.99 and up.
.NET Licensing ProTools for licensing .NET applications. $49.95 and up.
Free Windows Software from MicrosoftA list of free Microsoft applications. Games, weather, file synch, drive visualization, heap monitor, memory diagnostics, and much more.
Outlook Express Backup GenieBacks up Outlook Express email databases. Can backup and restore databases from seveal email products including Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Messenger and Netscape Mail, and others. Free 15-day trial. Full version 29.95 Euro.
Registry Booster Cleans, repairs, and optimizes the Registry. $29.95. Free trial plus free Registry scan.
UCCDrawA flow/diagramming ActiveX control. $749.00 and up.
TimeProA web-based timesheet product. From around $420 (AUD) per year.
HiComponents.comImage processing components. The company's origin is in Delphi but they have an OCX and just released a .NET component. The tools handle lots of image processing tasks including TWAIN capture, image conversion and manipulation, image printing, and basic PDF creation. Thanks to Geoff Stokeld for pointing this out to me. He says, "I have used it as the basis for a document management system in my application and it seems to work a treat. And not expensive at all for what it does - about US $60. Documentation is on the brief side though. Try the Multi demo I uploaded on the user forums if you have the time."
PrettyCode.Print for .NETNicely formatted printing for VB .NET and C#. $99.
Daisy Web ToolsA collection of useful Web tools written in Visual Basic (registration is $29.99/18.99).
IconGaloreSets of XP-style icons for such categories as Network and Database, Accounting, Email, and Web. Packages are $55 and up.
Skin CrafterA custom skinning library that lets you add skins to your applications. Use their library of skins or build your own. $299 and up.
Data recovery reviewsMostly a links portal but some additional information on data disaster recovery issues and products.
Microtools.usConversion tools for Access developers. Includes Access to ASP .NET, VB6, VB .NET (WinForms) and Crystal Reports 8/8.5/9/10/11 converters.
Visual Studio 2005 Pricing This press release gives Visual Studio 2005 pricing details. Here's the short summary:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition: $799 (upgrade: $549)
  • Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System: $799 (upgrade: $549)
  • Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition: $299 (upgrade: $199)
  • Visual Studio 2005 Express editions will be $49.
Code VBATools for building better VBA code more quickly. Includes 20 specialized code builders and a free demo version.
Add-in Express.comA tool for developing COM add-ins, Smart Tags and RTD Servers in VB .NET, C++, C#. Sample COM add-ins for Excel, Outlook, Word are available for download with complete source code.
SynkronizerProduct that compares, updates and synchronizes Excel spreadsheets. Prices range from 29-149 Euros. The site also contains lots of useful Excel links.
ErrorMail Webservice for .NETA WebService that lets your VB .NET code easily send email notifications. For example, you can have your program email you when it has a problem. Very easy to use, $19.95 for a license, free 30 day evaluation. (It's described as an error reporting service for .NET but I don't see why you couldn't use it for other notifications or from VB 6.)
POS Software & Systems GroupPoint of sale software and systems plus individual components such as touchscreen displays, computer cash registers and cash drawer systems.
SGridA powerful FREE grid control highly recommended by Rob Crombie. As he says, "It does everything except whistle Dixie."
Project AnalyzerA static code analysis tool for VB and VBA. It looks for issues such as missing Option Explicit, broken naming conventions, unused variables, variables declared without a data type, etc. It also geneates software metrics. $199 or the free demo version lets you analyze up to 10 files at once. A pretty nice tool for free!
ProjisticsWeb-based project management and collaboration application. (Their home page has a cool popup button applet.)
OEAPI (Outlook Express API)Lets you add your plug-ins to Outlook Express. $89 standard edition, $249 professional edition.
TurboVBAdd-in for VB6. Includes 41 tools such as code indentation, list routines calling a procedure, add/remove line numbers, remove code for deleted controls, etc. $150
aurigma AVI ProcessorReads AVI files and creates a new one, inserting your watermark. Demo version available. Product version $49 and up, plus runtime license.
Wise Owl Business SolutionsScheduled and on-site training courses in MS Office, VB, and VB.NET.
componentXtra.com.NET Graph Components.
Phoenix Business Systems: Crystal Reports Training and ConsultingConsulting firm specializing in crystal reports development and customized training.
WhizLabs Java CertificationExam preparation with an exam simulator. Moneyback guarantee if you don't pass the real exam.
Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. Visual Basic coursesInstructor-led Visual Basic and .NET courses.
Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.Instructor-led Visual Basic and .NET training in cities throughout the United States and Canada. Master's Degree in Information Systems $9,900. Information Systems Certificate programs $3,900 - $11,900.
SerenaApplication lifecycle management tools. Demo video and trial versions available.
VenaliE-messaging solutions including secure fax messaging over the internet. Free trial.
Evova TechnologyVisualLink RAD Toolkit, ResizeXtra ActiveX control suite for VB6, and ActiveX freeware.
C-Sharpener For VBAutomatically convert VB code into C#. $199. Free trial version (converts up to 500 lines of code).
WinDriverUSB, PCI and ISA driver development tools, including WinDriver and KernelDriver that automate and simplify the development of device drivers for the Windows, Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks operating systems. Build device drivers in the VB. Prices vary by product, OS, and license type but range from about $1000 and up.
Accept CorporationProduct management, marketing, and planning software.
TrioProjectWeb-based project management software. Status management, priorities, etc. Supports business rules, procedures, and documents. Interactive demo available on line.
BugAwareWeb-based bug tracking system including email alerts, advanced reporting, and custom fields.
BugImpactWeb-based bug tracking and help desk system. Email notification, history, "fix for" builds, link related bugs, etc. Hosted for $70/month for 10 users. Buy for $1,300/10 users.
@Task Project Management TemplateWeb-based project management software that handles planning (timelines, workflow, ...), working (meetings, notifications, timesheets, ...), tracking, security, help desk, etc. Demos available in Flash, screen shot, or live forms.
TaskPortalAn online collaboration workspace that lets you manage your projects, work tasks, requests and teams.
Business ObjectsProducts to help organizations to track, understand, and manage enterprise performance. Reporting, query and analysis, performance management, etc.
SHC Stream Video Streaming ActiveX ControlEncapculates the Microsoft Media Encoder and Media Player to add streaming video to your applications. $49. Download a demo program.
nuviewData management tools. Data lifecycle management, disaster recovery, distributed data, DFS (Distributed File System), etc. Free trial version available.
Real-Time Graphics Tools for .NetReal-time displays such as scrolling graphs, bars, dials, meters, etc. $100/year plus runtime license. Free trial version available.
RegexBuddyTool for helping users create regular expressions through dropdowns instead of confusing text strings. $29.95. Related: Regular-Expressions.info
Icon Edit An icon editor that lets you edit 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixel icons, and static or animated Windows cursors. It has a 30 day/50 run trial period and costs $30 after that.
PreEmptive SolutionsCode security products. The lite version of their Dotfusticator product is included in Visual Studio .NET. This product removes comments, renames variables and routines, and otherwise mangles your code so it is harder to reverse engineer. DashO provides similar benefits for Java code. Evaluation copies available on request.
Sunbelt SoftwareVarious products such as iHateSpam (I bet you can guess what's that's about), Double-Take (real-time data protection for Win NT/2000/2003 networks), ServerVision (monitor the health and status of distributed servers), etc. Free trials available.
activePDFLots of tools for working with PDFs. Everything from basic PDF building, commenting, conversion from various file types to PDF, server and enterprise products, and speech enabled PDF reading and writing. Fully-functional trial versions available.
Space Home ConceptsApplications and ActiveX controls (written in VB) for home automation. They include a communications control, controller for the JDS Technologies InfraRed Xpander, and coming soon univeral remote and streaming video controls. Trial versions available.
SQL Data DictionaryA data dictionary that you can add to SQL Server to help document the database. 65 and up.
Viklele AssociatesVarious development tools including a form designer,advanced property browser for COM objects and ADO recordsets, a button bar, Office XP-style menu enhancer, and an auto-scrolling viewport control.
Parature.comWeb-based help desk software products.
Pivot Table AutoFormat XLAn Excel Add-In that lets you create, store, and use your own pivot table templates. $39.95.
Spell Check AnywhereAdds spell checking to existing Windows programs (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Notepad, Hotmail or Yahoo email, etc.). 15 day free trial, $29.97 after that.
Root SystemsOnline tool for CRM, BPM, SFA, project management, software change management, help desk, and other collaboration needs. Free trials. $495 and up (10 user license and up).
GRCLive Web Video ConferencingWeb conferencing that provides audio, video, and document sharing. Prices from $39.95/month for four seats. Free trial and camera.
Flux Services Inc.Inexpensive Web hosting. Web service starting at $7.95, domain registration starting at $9.95.
Scanner WarehouseA wide variety of scanner brands and formats: wide, sheet fed, flatbed, and high speed.
MS MacroSystem 3D Surface View SoftwareAn interactive 3D scientific visualization tool. Cool pictures on the Web site. Demo and pricing (ranging from 1500-3000 Euros) available via email.
Lugh3DSoon-to-be-released game 3D programming engine for .NET using DirectX. Projected release in September. Estimated $100 for the control, $250 for an extensible class library.
yKAP (Your Kind Attention Please)Web-based bug and issue tracking. $160 and up.
web hosting choicesAn index of Web hosting services ranging from free personal Web pages to full-featured dedicated servers.
website-hosting-web.comWeb site hosting from $7.95.
Dragonfly Automation SoftwareA bunch of ActiveX controls: counter, gauges, progress bars, pie charts, etc.
WebSupergooDevelopment tools specializing in imaging and Internet. Manipulate images, create PDFs on the fly, use visual effects, upload and download files, etc. [Cool name, too!]
SteemaDevelopment tools including teeChart (charting), teeGofer (.NET assembly documentation), and teeTree (systematic diagramming).
SoftliteWeb development tools ScriptWorx (text-based editing) and ScriptWorx.NET (.NET-centric development).
Red-GateSQL tools, load testing and profiling for .NET, and bug tracking.
Red-GateSQL tools, load testing and profiling for .NET, and bug tracking.
QSCVersion control, change and issue tracking, build management, etc.
InnovasysTools and controls including support for help authoring, bug proofing [also see my book Bug Proofing Visual Basic], PropertiesList control, Windows XP Taskbar functionality, and DockStudioXP. Evaluation versions available.
Energy ProgrammingEFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), encryption, mobile positioning, electronic shopping cart, and other services. [Their encryption can use the Blowfish, CryptoAPI, DES, Gost, RC4, SkipJack, TEA, and Twofish algorithms. Most of these are described in detail in Bruce Schneier's excellent book Applied Cryptography.]
DtSearchSearch and display tools for searching disk, network, Web, etc. The Publish product adds a searchable database to a CD or DVD.
CatalystInternet components including a file transfer control, mail control, ActivePatch, socket library, etc.
Active UpComponent and custom application development, mostly for Internet applications (ASP.NET). Some products including Html TextBox, Active Pager, Active Calendar, and others. Standard versions are free.
ValentinaAn fast object-relational SQL cross-platform database. SDKs for several environments including Java, C++, Pascal, Macromedia Director, etc.
Adept SQL ToolsSQL tools including a difference utility that visually shows where two SQL Server databases differ. $240 and up.
Bug-Track.comWeb-based bug tracking. Prices are per bug per month and range from free to $125 per month for an unlimited number of bugs.
TrackStudioJava-based bug tracking. Prices range from free to $3,000. A Web-based version with monthly charges is also available.
Sell-Shareware: Screensaver MakerShareware screen saver programs ($15 and up).
Tiera SoftwareDefect Manager ($89.99+) bug tracking system, Back Office Application Server ($999.95) multithreaded application server development system, and ProtectSoft ($199.95) software licensing system.
Rail BaronA very playable game written in VB 3. Free for 30 days, $19 to register.
PrintGridPrint and print preview OCX for MsHflexGrid, MsflexGrid, ListView, and DataGrid controls in VB 5 and 6. $98.
WinZipThe extremely popular compression utility. You'll need this to uncompress the example programs found on this site. An absolute must! $29.
WinRARAnother very popular compression utility. Click here for a brief discussion by someone who switched from WinZip to WinRAR. $29.
Web Conferencing CentralLow-cost Web conferencing for online meetings. Web meetings with PowerPoint, desktop sharing, and teleconferencing. Live demonstrations.
RMTrackWeb/SQL Server based bug tracking. $299 and up. 30 day free trial.
HalfTime Technologies Inc.Multithreading components. Thread Factory - a progressional multithreading library for easily making robust COM compliant VB6 applications. HalfTime Active Show - a multithreaded graphics and animation package (Skins, rounded buttons, etc). $200 each.
WinForm Reports for .NETVB .NET doesn't have a PrintForm command. This product lets you print form contents easily. $99 and up.
.NET Linear ControlBarcode control for .NET. Includes Code128, Code39, UPC, EAN and all other common linear barcodes. $199 and up.
Defect AgentDefect tracking with workflow management, prioritization, item history, etc. $399 and up.
BugzeroA Web-based bug, defect, issue and incident tracking system. $199 and up.
NEUROtechnologija LtdThis company makes SDKs for biometric identification: fingerprint, iris, and palm print matching. Prices start at $99.
IconEdit ProShareware icon editor for only $20. Hotspots, transparency, good color support, gradation, resource editor, etc.
GHS Resource LibraryHelps you build libraries of source code and other documents. $25, 60 day free trial.
FRX SplitExtracts BMP, ANI, and other graphic files stored in an FRX file. $19.95, 30 day free trial.
GHS Resource LibraryTool for storing code for later reuse. Allows you to search for general or specific criteria. $25
EasyNLSMulti-lingual translation tool.
FlexGridXAn ActiveX grid control that allows editing with TextBoxes, ComboBoxes, ImageCombos, etc. $35
TX Text ControlA royalty free word processing control that handles MS Word, HTML and RTF documents. It is fast, compact, and compatible with Microsoft's TextBox control, but also offers the functions of a WYSIWYG word processor. Version 9.0 technology preview is now available. Prices from US $439 to US $949. Upgrade from previous versions for $249 and up.
Bug/Defect Tracking ExpertA Web-based bug tracking software system. It looks fairly flexible and easy to use, though it's not cheap ($3600 for a 3 person package). Free online demo available.
GRAN PMFree (up to 5 project members) Web-based project management and bug tracking service.
WinTasks 4 Professional by LIUtilitiesResource management: CPU usage graphs per process, system presets, built-in scripting language, etc. For developers, lets you monitor your application's CPU and memory usage, modules, threads, etc. $37 with a $10 discount if you buy by March 31.
CrossOver Office by CodeWeaversThis software lets you run Microsoft Office & Lotus Notes on a Linux computer. $54.95 per user, group discounts available. I don't think this will let you run VB applications.
Nevron LLCOpenGL development using ActiveX graphing and charting tools. The main product is the charting control 3DChart.
Axista.comWeb-based project management software including bug tracking.
Bug-Tracker-Software.comWeb-based bug tracking system. Supports MSSQL, ORACLE, Sybase, Access, Postgres, DB2, etc. Free demo available on Web site.
WinTasks 4 ProfessionalAn enhanced task management tool that displays CPU and resource usage. You can use it to track down memory and resource leaks.
ELF (English Language Frontend)Allows you to add English queries to your Access, SQL Server 7 and Oracle database applications. For example, this product can execute the query, "Who supplies the stock that brings in most revenues."
AceProjectA Web-based bug tracking and project management system. There's a free demo but naturally not everything is free. There are lots of add-ons that cost money.
IO ControlA communications control that makes it easier to read and write from parallel and serial ports. $69.95. Demo version available.
Converter.netExecutable that converts VB6 files to work with VB5. Click here to see how to do this manually.
ElementoolWeb-based bug tracking. Basic (free), Advanced ($39.99/month), or Professional ($59.99/month) versions.
Varadero by Abaco MobileA thin-client tool for building applications for mobile devices (WinCE, PocketPC, Palm) using VB.
FRX SplitExtracts pictures (ANI, BMP, GIF, ICO, etc.) from FRX files. $9.95.
Print PreviewThierry Waty's Print Preview control version 4.0. $30 now, $99 after August 1.
VConstructorFreeware tool that helps make new Visual Basic methods, property procedures, classes, etc. It creates a stub with declarations and comments. You fill in the code.
SCML SoftwareThree ActiveX controls: SCMLlabelPrinter previews and prints labels ($139), SCML RTF Printer previews and prints RTF text (Free), and TRANSBO shipping cost calculator ($199).
Visual Bitmap LibraryA freeware ActiveX component that lets you create and edit bitmaps in memory.
BugTrapperA bug trapping and tracking product.
MB ActiveX GalleryA collection of 15 ActiveX controls for $49. (See also my book Custom Controls Library which includes source code for 101 ActiveX controls).
SOAPtoolset.comSOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a relativly recent Web technology that lets clients on the network invoke Web services on your site. This Web site has a SOAP toolkit to make building Web services easier. (It also has a really annoying ad so put a sticky note on the upper right part of your screen ;-)
HALLoGRAM PublishingMore than 250 VB add-on products. Print bar codes, ChartFX, CommTools, DynaZIP, etc.
Advanced VBA Password RecoveryA program that recovers lost passwords for Word, Excel, etc.
Project Guide - 2000with new Master Wizard technology is a set of VB6 Add-Ins that lets you navigate through VB projects and create VB Wizards using VBScript. Some wizards are available.
shopforacomputer.comAn online computer shopping directory with lots of links to programming sites, shareware/freeware sites, hardware, software, etc.
CodeBase 6A high-performance database engine and other database development tools.
Polar DrawAn ActiveX drawing control.
VideoEdgeTraining videos and CD-ROMs for Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, GoldMine Software, and soon SQL. Download sample lessons for free to see if you like them.
Graphics ServerGraphics Server is a replacement for Visual Basic's MSChart control. I have evaluated versions of this product for the annual VBPJ buyer's review, and it is pretty powerful. Download a free evaluation copy at GraphicsServer.com. Named PC Magazine Editors' Choice.
Baarns resource center 
CrescentVisual programming tools. Visual Intercept, Applet Designer, VersionStamper, etc.
DesawareVB Tools. SpyWorks, StorageTools, etc.
FMSMicrosoft Access products. Total Access CodeTools, Total Access Detective, etc.
Softworks VBVMA Visual Basic Virtual Machine that allows you to run VB executables on UNIX machines.
ObjectTextText search tools.

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