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Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference
Stephens' Visual Basic Programming 24-Hour Trainer
Stephens' C# Programming with Visual Studio 2010 24-Hour Trainer
Beginning Database Design Solutions
WPF Programmer's Reference
Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference
Visual Basic
Excel VBA (Easy Excel Macros)A good introduction to basic VBA programming in Excel. It has tutorials in recording macros, handling errors, working with Excel objects, calculating with Excel, working with Ranges, creating UserForms, etc.
CodeRush Xpress for C# and VBA tool that adds a bunch of refactoring and software development features to the IDE including: duplicate lines, highlighting references, create overload, reorder parameters, and much more. Big drawback: doesn't support Visual Studio Express Editions. (Ironic since the word "Xpress" is in this product's name.)
Refactor! Pro for Visual StudioRefactoring tools for Visual Studio including: case to conditional, extract method, For to For Each, create setter, etc. $99.
InvestInTech: Tips for Working With Microsoft SoftwareA brief description of Exchange and Sharepoint, plus links to more informationn about them and .NET programming in general.
Mr. BoolA bunch of short, free video tutorials (around 15 minutes each) on Visual Basic, C#, etc.
NordicaccessA dozen or so Visual Basic examples and videos.
vbDreamersHalf a dozen forums for each of VB 6 and VB .NET.
Happy CodingsA fairly large collection of useful code snippets for Visual Basic and some other languages. No explanations but still some useful stuff.
Visual Basic Development IssuesA collection of blog entries discussion various Visual Basic 2005 issues.
VB.NET Tutorials and source code for beginers [sic]A small collection of tutorials for beginners.
dotNetVideos.netMore than 100 free videos explaining various .NET programming topics.
FreeTutes.com: Visual Basic 6Free beginner-level tutorials describing Visual Basic 6 fundamentals.
Top Rules for the Windows Vista User ExperienceMicrosoft's latest user interface advice for building applications in Vista. I don't agree with them all and they should learn to take their own advice but worthwhile reading.
Shrinkwrap Visual BasicLots of downloads, tips, examples, and OCXs. A particular focus on video, capture, etc. High quality stuff.
Instant VBC# to Visual Basic converter. I've heard good things about this product. It converts entire C# or ASP.NET projects, solutions, folders, and snippets. It claims to be 99%+ correct and I think they may be right. $179. There's a 15-day money bnack guarantee and a demo version. Tangible Software Solutions also has products that convert: VB to C#, C# to C++, and C++ to C#, and a product that cleans up VB .NET code written in VB 6 style.
uCalc Free Math Parser 2.9A free mathematical expression parser that works with Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi, C++, and other languages.
Visual Basic 6.0 Resource CenterWhile Microsoft wants everyone to switch over to Visual Basic .NET or C#, Visual Basic 6 isn't completely dead. This page contains links to resources, recommendations for using Visual Basic 6 with Visual Basic .NET, and tools for upgrading to Visual Basic .NET.

Currently the "Other VB Web Sites" links on the right lists VB Helper at the top!
Support Statement for Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows VistaInformation about Visual Basic 6 support in Vista including information about the VB 6 runtime. The executive summary is:
The Visual Basic team is committed to “It Just Works” compatibility for Visual Basic 6.0 applications on Windows® Vista™. The Visual Basic team’s goal is that Visual Basic 6.0 applications that run on Windows XP will also run on Windows Vista. The Visual Basic team is also committed to the Visual Basic 6.0 development environment running on Windows Vista. As detailed in this document, the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime will be supported for the full lifetime of Windows Vista, which is five years of mainstream support followed by five years of extended support (http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifepolicy).
Code Snippet Editor for Visual Basic .NETAllows you to write code snippets in an editor rather than as raw XML. Comes with 500+ pre-written snippets. The Web page describes the snippet categories.
Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition Home PageLearn about and download Visual Studio Express products (including Visual Basic 2005 Express).
Visual Studio 2005 Product Line OverviewCompare Visual Studio versions. Find out what features are included in the Express, Standard, Professional, VSTO, and Team System versions.
Visual Basic 2005, How To BuyIf you decide that the Express Edition isn't good enough for you, this page gives pricing and purchasing information for different Visual Basic 2005 editions, plus some other packages such as Team Foundation Server and MSDN subscriptions.
PicFormat32A free compiled OCX and LIB that can save BMP files to GIF or JPG, and vice versa.
Visual Basic Version Comparison ChartCompares features in the Visual Basic 2005 Express, Standard, and Professional editions.
A Hobbyist's Review of Visual Basic 2005 ExpressA quick but useful introduction for non VB .NET developers.
SQL QuizTest and improve your SQL and database knowledge for free.
Database DirShort descriptions of the most popular Relational Database Management Systems including reviews and information about features, scalability, and performance.
Free Source CodeSource code for more than 4300 VB and VB .NET examples. It's a German site but you can probably figure out most of the examples.
VB KeysA smallish VB 6 site with a nice appearance and some useful examples. It doesn't have much documentation, just examples that you can download (plus lots of ads to ignore).
getObject.com - SetVB2JavaA tool for converting Visual Basic 3.0 through 6.0 code into Java Swing.
Compare MSDN SubscriptionsChart comparing the Visual Studio + MSDN Subscriptions: Visual Studio Team Suite w/MSDN Premium, Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects w/MSDN Premium, Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers w/MSDN Premium, etc.
Visual Basic EditionsChart comparing the Visual Basic 2005 Express, Standard, and Professional editions.
TechInterviews.com: Visual Basic questionsInterview questions for VB programmers.
TechInterviews.com: Visual Basic categoriesInterview questions for various VB categories such as ASP, VB programmer, basic VB, .NET, etc.
Adit Software: VB6 PrintGrid moduleDocumentation, source code, and installation instructions for VB 6 code that prints the MsFlexgrid control with a single line of code.
Adit Software: .NET ListViewPrint classA class that provides printing capabilities for the ListView control. Get a program that demonstrates the ListViewPrint and GridViewPrint classes here.
Adit Software: .NET DataGridPrint classA class that provides printing capabilities for the DataGrid control. Get a program that demonstrates the ListViewPrint and GridViewPrint classes here.
pinvoke.NET.NET declarations for API calls.
WinMergeOpen Source visual text file difference and merge tool.
PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBANicely formatted printing for VB 6 and VBA. $89.
PrettyCode.Print for .NETNicely formatted printing for VB .NET and C#. $99.
Database DirectoryA list of brief database definitions and articles describing different databases such as DB2, Informix, MySQL, etc.
FreeImage LibraryA powerful library that lets VB 6 and .NET programs manipulate images in a huge number of formats. Thanks to Martijn Coppoolse for pointing this out!
Article: Calling .Net Classes from Visual Basic 6A very useful article by Peter Aitken.
Mick Dohertys DotNet TipsSome very interesting code snippets and customized controls.
Karen Watterson's blog interview with Rod StephensRod answers important questions such as what he says at cocktail parties and in what magazine he published his first article (you'll never guess).
VB-TownA large collection of useful VB 6 examples.
irritatedVowel.comThis site contains all sorts of unrelated information on such topics as model railroading, birds, and woodworking projects. This link leads to some decent VB .NET variable naming standards. It's worthwhile to read them. Then adopt the ones you like and modify or discard the ones you don't.
abstractvb.comA nice selection of VB6, VB .NET, and ASP.NET examples for doing useful stuff.
InfragisticsDot net controls and components to help web application developers create web grids, winforms, toolbars, website calenders, etc.
DJK's ProjectsA Polish site covering Visual Basic and VB.NET programming: theory, articles, samples, libraries, API functions.
vbclassic.piranho.comA German site with lots of VB, VB.NET, and other examples.
Dot Net Junkies Code SnippetsRead or post snipppets for VS 2005 here.
GotCodeSnippets.NetRead or post snipppets for VS 2005 here.
Moving to VB.NETA free Webcast available as a video file.
VB IDE Team BlogThe Visual Basic IDE Team blog.
IntelliSense code snippets FAQsInformation on VB 2005's new code snippets features by the VB Snippet Community Team.
Bob Powell's GDI+ FAQA pretty good collection of GDI+ tips and articles.
Echolist Programming Languages linksA collection of links to programming resources including many Visual Basic sites.
Absolute Beginner's Video Series to Visual Studio 2005 Express EditionsMore than 10 hours of video for the beginner by Microsoft.
Vlasishost.com | Programming BasicMostly information about HTML and php, but also a decent collection of Visual Basic links.
VBCorLibA very nice VB site with a set of useful classes, tutorials, documentations, forums, etc.
SearchVB.comTons of news and information about VB topics: design, database programming, XML, VBA, .NET, ActiveX, etc.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4This is a cumulative Service Pack for SQL Server 2000 including SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE). Read the warning about issues for people with AWE support enabled and more than 2GB of memory.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Release AThis is the download for MSDE 2000.
A Microsoft aticle about MSDE"Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0: An Alternative to Jet for Building Desktop and Shared Solutions."
XMLFox, VB .NET SamplesXMLFox is a freeware graphical XML editor and validation tool. This link leads to several VB .NET examples.
SwormsA remarkable game called Sworms (Super Worms) written mostly in VB 6 by Jonathan Bruneau. At least drop by and take a look at the gallery.
NPlotA FREE .NET-enabled charting tool.
.NET API ViewerA simple .NET API Viewer. I've seen a few bugs (for example, it displays constants as in &H123 for C# rather than the correct 0x123) but oveall quite useful and FREE.
MyTTS 3.0A simple TTS (Text-To-Speech) application written in MS Visual Basic (v6), using MS Speech Object Library. By frequent VB Helper contributor Dipak Auddy.
Project AnalyzerA static code analyzer that looks for trouble such as variables that are declared but not used, variables that are set but not later read, variables without declared data types, routines that are never called, etc. Also provides code metrics such as line count and estimated complexity. The FREE version can analyze up to 10 files. For example, if your project contains 12 files, you can exclude 2 and use the tool on the others.
Microsoft's Visual Basic 2005 Express EditionA lightweight version of Visual Basic to get beginners, hobbyists, and VB 6 programmers hooked on VB .NET. A nice way to try VB .NET without buying the full product.
Microsoft's Express ProductsLighter-weight versions of Microsoft products including Visual Basic, C#, VC++, J#, and SQL Server. Also Visual Web Dev 2005 Express.
Bob Powell's "Beginners Guide to GDI+"An on-going series of articles about using GDI+ (graphics in .NET). Also available: an RSS feed.
Microsoft Skills AssessmentFree online skills assessments for such topics as Windows XP, SQL Server 2000, supporting the end-user desktop, Office 2003, and Visual Studio .NET.
dotnetspider.NET tutorials, articles, links, etc. There's a big C# tutorial (more than 30 chapters) but also quite a few VB .NET articles and links to articles.
Novick SoftwareConsulting, articles (mostly SQL Server), tips and tricks, etc.
Remote Course online VB trainingLots of online training course series including VB6 (this link), VB4, VB5, and VB .NET. There are eight courses in this series and for only $99.95 you have access to them for a year.
Experts Exchange, Visual BasicA fantastic place to get questions answered. A must see!
A macro to make RegionsA CodeProject macro by Phillip Blanton to automate making code regions.
Sample chapter about objectsChapter three (Understanding Objects and Collections) from the book Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 in 24 Hours Complete Starter Kit. It describes objects, properties, methods, object-based code, collections, and the object browser.
Downloads MachineBeginner's tutorials and some Visual Basic programs, plus lots of freeware. Free registration required.
Auddy's ToolsDipak Auddy has a few tools including an LCD digital clock with VB source code.
Visual Basic DirectoryA (currently small) list of useful Visual Basic sites.
ConvertCSharp2VBCopy and paste your C# code onto this Web form to see a VB .NET translation.
C# to VB.NET TranslatorCopy and paste your C# code onto this Web form to see a VB .NET translation.
MOLiSoft VB DevelopmentExamples, a place to submit your examples, and forums.
Visual Studio Code SamplesVisual Studio code sample downloads. Contains links to automation samples, 101 Visual Basic .NET samples, Code Swap (which currently only has 98 items), etc.
Visual Studio Extensibility CenterA Microsoft Web page that leads to information on customizing and extending the Visual Studio IDE. Mostly this means macros and add-ins, but also includes the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program SDK.
Code FixerRoger Gilchrist's VB6 Add-In helps make your code more readable. Detects unused variables, looks for obsolete language features such as IsMissing, etc.
MZ-Tools A freeware add-in for VB5, VB6, and VBA that adds several IDE features such as split or join lines, add or remove line numbers, convert to upper/lower case, add header comments, etc.
Tony's ExamplesJust a couple of examples but the Web site password geneator is kind of clever. You enter the name of the Web site and your favorite password. It combines them to geneate a mangled password that you can use on the Web site. Later you can repeat the process to remember the mangled password. See the site for more details.
Trinivion Industries ForumsA bunch of forums including a bunch about programming and one about Visual Basic. That one looks reasonably active.
VBDepotA new site featuring news, code samples, links, as well as listings of training providers, consultants, and component developers.
The VB ZoneDownloads, examples, DLLs, tutorials, and lots more. Definitely worth checking out.
VB-ProgrammerzoneA German vb-site with tools, source code, lots of tips and tricks and a big link library.
VBCoolA dozen or so examples, OCXs, and tutorials.
Start VB.NetLots of basic information about Visual Basic .NET. Includes some very useful material such as file handling basics, an introduction to XML, a bit on multi-threading, etc. A good resource.
SearchVB.comA pretty big site with tips, discussions, newsletter, etc.
just4programmers.comA small collection of code snippets for VB, ASP, PHP, etc.
Hands on LabsMore than 500 resources for Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, and Linux programming.
Martin's HomePageVB 6 tips, examples, ActiveX controls, a newsletter, and more.
VB Accelerator type librariesType libraries that let you use libraries not normally available to VB 6 programs. The GDI+ article includes a link that lets you download GDI+ from Microsoft if you need it.
Visual Basic TutorialA VB tutorial.
Practical Visual BasicTips and tricks.
VBWM's Tips and TricksTips and tricks.
Que: Using Visual Basic 6VB 6 tutorial.
Only4GurusDocumentation for VB, VB .NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, etc.
Programmierwelt.deA German site with information on Quick Basic, VB, and C++.
only4gurusLots of information about Microsoft products including .NET development. (Some pretty annoying flashing banner ads, though.)
excel-vba.comTips on Excel and VBA for accountants and data analysts.
31 Tips for Faster .NET ApplicationsAn article listing 31 Tips for Faster .NET Applications.
VB MicroboltTutorials and VB downloads.
VeignA site with a few code examples and ActiveX controls.
Article: Choosing and Using MSDE 2000 as the Database Engine for Your ApplicationAn MADN article that explains how to get started using MSDE for your database needs.
ProgalexAn Italian site focusing on Windows API programming in VB. Articles, source, chat, etc.
CiRcLeAn Open Source IRC client written in Visual Basic. Source code is available. Demonstrates socket management and the IRC protocol.
(.NET Framework) Backwards Breaking Changes from .NET Framework version 1.0 to 1.1This page lists changes in .NET 1.1 that may break applications you've written in version 1.0. Right now, there are 87 changes listed.
JC Persistent FrameworkA VB 6 framework to transparently manage transactions with a relational database.
Developer FusionThousands of tutorials, code samples, reviews and a discussion forum for VB, VB.net and VBA programmers (and C++, C#, etc.).
ITtoolbox Visual Basic Knowledge BaseLinks to tutorials, newsletters, books, etc. Lots of material. Two newsletters: one for VB developers and one for VB managers.
akToolsActiveX controls written in VB 6 including reports, progess bar, simple skins, grid, etc. OCXs are free, source code and versions without ad labels cost extra.
Ascenvia.netTutorials and resources for developers including Visual Basic.
Vyas' SQL Server website for DBAs and developersCode, articles, FAQs, etc. for DBAs and database developers.
merrioncomputing.comCode, articles and downloads for advanced Visual basic developers, including EventVB (object oriented wrapper for the Win32 API).
VISUAL BASIC IN BELGIËA small Belgian site in the Dutch language with half a dozen or so articles.
VBSoftwareA Spanish Visual Basic freeware site including tips, tricks, examples, ActiveX controls, etc.
Visual Basic 6.0 - The HomePageA few tools and OCXs that may be handy, a forum, and some examples.
LinkmeUP2VBA VB code exchange site. Currently has about 2 dozen downloads. A nice selection of beginner code and a few games.
Texas SQL UsersAs the name implies, this is a SQL Server user's site. Instructions, downloadable code, performance tuning tips, book reviews, discussion group, newsletter, etc. Looks like a good resource for database programmers.
Voodoo VBA VB game development site. Some tutorials on DirectX7 and DirectX8. Articles on RPGs, adventure games, 2D versus 3D, etc.
hMailFree Visual Basic SMTP email component. Unfortunately the component is a compiled DLL and the home page is in Sweedish, though the readme file is in English.
Highlander's VB Web PageSeveral useful utilities including fancier labels, plug-in help, HTML help support, string sorting, etc.
Visual Basic ResourceA couple dozen links to tutorials, examples, and other VB sites.
VB SoftwareAbout half a dozen free example programs that perform project management-related tasks: component management, registry cleaning, decompilers, etc. In Spanish and English.
www.crackinguniversity2000.itA huge programming resource site. Much is in English but some is in Italian. A bit hard to find things.
ListSoftware Unicode articlesThree articles on Unicode:
  • How to store and retrieve Unicode (ADO/Oracle/ASP)
  • VB and Unicode (VB Forms 2.0)
  • Unicode Searches using Oracle Stored Procedures (ADO/SP/Unicode)
OpenITxEmail-based discussion groups for IT subjects such as programming, project management, etc.
OpenITx Visual Basic ListsThis page holds the OpenITx Visual Basic lists.
vb overdriveCode, examples, tutorials, and a discussion forum.
Get Started with the Package and Deployment WizardA tutorial on using the Package and Deployment Wizard
Pradeep's Home PageSome useful COM+ and .NET links.
ApiViewer(formerly API Toolshed). A free program similar to API Text Viewer containing lots of API declarations, constants, and type definitions.
VB CAD/Geo ToolsTools, algorithms, source code, and some ActiveX controls for graphics. Some interesting algorithms: contouring, polygon triangulation, Direct3D, etc.
VB-2-The-MaxA big source code repository.
Planet Source CodeAnother big source code repository.
Access 2002 and SQL Server Development SeminarThis seminar by noted Author Rick Dobson targets Access database developers and SQL Server DBAs who wish to take advantage of Access RAD techniques.
InformIT's Free LibraryLiterally hundreds of free books online! Some of the books that are most relevant to Visual Basic users include: The library also includes lots of C++, Delphi, VB5, and other books.
Using DLLs and The Windows APIA lot of the more advanced VB Helper examples use API functions. This tutorial provides an introduction to using DLLs and API functions in your VB programs.
The Joy of VBA lot of "Bio-Logic" applications and tools using some sophisticated algorithms from my book Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms
FreeMeshA 3-D graphics site with some 3-dimensional meshes. The picture gallery shows a bunch of images created in Light FX, a Visual Basic program built by the Web Master.
Focus on Visual BasicA small but growing collection of ActiveX controls and code. Includes an interesting DirectX 7 game called Haunted Maze.
Dutch's VB Code LibraryA good selection of VB code. This site also sells some interesting shareware.
Ariad SoftwareFreeware ActiveX controls, code snippets, etc. Toolbars, status bars, panels, rotated text, and more.
Forbidden CHA German Visual Basic site.
DevX .NET ResourcesA whole bunch of .NET links.
Visual Basic GuideSome small example executable programs mostly for beginners.
Guru's CyberHomeQuestion and Answers, Tips and Tricks, Sample Code.
Active VBLots of tips and tricks, a forum, tutorials, etc. in German.
About Visual BasicMore tips and tricks, tutorials, etc. in German.
Visual BasicA Hungarian VB site.
VBUGVisual Basic User Group UK. An online magazine, discussion forum, etc. Now focusing on Visual Studio.NET.
ZAP SoftwareA VB6 and Delphi site. Right now it has a hypertext component and a program called AutoFiler that allows you to rename multiple files.
www.programmierung2000.deA German site with information for C/C++, Visual Basic, and JavaScript. About a dozen Visual Basic articles.
SmartAddins.comA small site for posting AddIns you can add to your development environment. Right now it only has one, a code snippet manager. Go to the site and contribute or suggest others.
Visual Basic FAQAn excellent selection of articles on all sorts of VB topics. If you haven't looked here, you should do so.
Guru4vediA small site with about a dozen VB-related topics.
Numerical Methods in Genetic EpidemiologyVB routines for statistical functions. They deal with genetics and medicine but it could be useful if you have other statistical needs. Random numbers with different distributions, probability distribution simulations with frequency histograms, plotting subroutines, etc.
VB PlanetA very nicely designed site that doesn't have a lot of content yet. Drop by and submit some.
vbscuola.itItalian site intended for teachers and schools using Visual Basic. Includes news, software for free download, tutorials (mostly beginner), etc.
Dr.X Visual Basic SourceLots of examples taken from other sites (including VB Helper) grouped in meaningful categories.
VBTrainer.comSamples and tutorials, mostly about data objects (DataEnvironment, DataGrid, etc).
VB6 SP4Click here for the English version of the Visual Basic part of Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 4. Click here for information on the entire service pack.
PlatformVBA couple advanced tricks for ComboBoxes and Grids. More importantly, some useful information on dial-up networking and RAS.
ProgrammingMSAccess.comAccess and SQL server tutorials, FAQs, etc. by author and conference speaker Rick Dobson.
Andy's Visual Basic SiteA fair number of tutorials and samples.
CodeSites.comA collection of development-related links. Click here for the Visual Basic related links.
The Joy of VBIntermediate and advanced prorgams covering some very interesting topics: chaos, fractals, genetic algorithms, etc.
LocoSoft's Home PageA Spanish site including ActiveX controls, tips, examples, some tutorials, etc.
VB TownSeveral ActiveX controls, a good assortment of tips and tricks, etc. Worth a visit!
Doom3dA three-dimensional Doom-like game written in Visual Basic using Direct3D and DirectSound.
Deja ComputingA few examples, games, some shortest path stuff, etc.
The VB ZoneSeveral beginner's tutorials, plus some game programming information including DirectX 7 tank battle game.
Visual Basic OnlyA Visual Basic links site.
Neil Fraser's Parallel Port MonitorThe VB program available here lets you monitor and modify parallel port settings.
AbstractVBRedesigned and greatly expanded. This has grown into a nice collection of examples and tutorials.
Migrating from DAO to ADO, Using ADO with the Jet ProviderAs the title indicates, it talks about how to migrate from the older DAO to ADO. If you are still using DAO, you really should take a look at this.
Moreno Sirri VB SiteAn Italian Visual Basic site (I'm not qualified to say much about non-English sites).
Mundo Visual - Visual BasicA Spanish Visual Basic site (I'm still not qualified to say much about non-English sites).
VB WorldA small but nice collection of tutorials, mostly at the beginng and intermediate level.
Jason's VB PageA new site with a few example programs, several games.
Home of Dr Zed ProductionsA small site containing some good VB and HTML examples.
MVP.orgA collection of sites by extremely talented programmers who have all sorts of advanced code for you to look at. This is a "must see."
Brad Martinez's MVP pageLots of great advanced examples. Another "must see."
FAST.Software Home PageA bunch of FREEWARE ActiveX Controls & OLE classes to make programming easier.
A Visual Basic TipA handful of advanced tips.
Windows CE Home PageMicrosoft's Windows CE home page.
Rotten Fruitcake SoftwareSome home grown games in progress including Bob's Problem, a game similar to Breakout. Click here to see an animated GIF of the game in action.
The Visual Basic Learning CenterSeveral code snippets for manipulating different controls and a chat area.
A1VBCodeA fairly extensive assortment of examples and code snippets.
VBShopVisual Basic tips, articles, and shareware.
MSDN Online Code CenterA Microsoft site containing code samples and example programs.
MSDN Online Bug CenterA Microsoft site containing bug-related information.
Visual Basic 7Microsoft's sneak preview of what will be in Visual Basic 7.
Programming LinksA new links site. Go add your link.
Visual Basic Resource CenterA new site that has yet to add content.
VB WebA bunch of beginner and intermediate tutorials. For example, instructions on how to use ComboBoxes, RichTextBoxes, etc.
Visual Basic GalaxyAn Italian site with lots of material.
Asmodeus - Multiplayer RPGA multi-player role-playing game written in VB. Source code available for $20.
VB by JCIntermediate and advanced stuff, much of it API examples.
Black Belt Visual BasicSome good step-by-step examples of advanced techniques (ADO, API, AppenbdChunk and GetChunk, etc.). This site also answers questions.
Willy's FreewareSome freeware utilities written in Visual Basic. Source code is available on request.
Black Belt Visual BasicSeveral detailed articles about using advanced features (AppendChunk, SendMessage, threads, etc).
Erix World of Visual BasicA handfull of tips and examples, including one that validates credit card numbers. I've long wondered how that works.
Alexandria VB Search EnginesSearch engines for: Microsoft Knowledge Base, MSDN Lilbrary, Planet Source Code, and a couple others.
Active AggressiveResources for object-oriented component development in Visual Basic.
VB FroodA German Visual Basic site including a bunch of unique examples.
Slice and DiceA template-based programming tool to increase programmer productivity. Download an evaluations copy at the Web site.
bugsite's Visual Basic pageA couple dozen tips, tricks, and examples.
vbip.com - Visual Basic Internet ProgrammingTutorials, source code, ActiveX components, etc. for Visual Basic Internet programmers.
Planet Source CodeGobs of VB code (also Java, C, and C++) covering too many topics to list them all.
Lucky's VB Gaming SiteSome tutorials, DirectX information, and obviously VB game information.
VB-DatabaseArticles, downloads including some WinSock stuff, etc.
The Programmer's GuildA smallish site with several tutorials and examples you can download.
Peter's Programmers HeavenA site with some games written in Visual Basic using DirectX 7.
Artículo de Visual Basic 5.0A Visual Basic course in Spanish.
Microsoft's DirectX siteDirectX lets you add extremely higher performance graphics to your Visual Basic applications.
Freeskills.comA bunch of FREE training guides. Go here for the Visual Basic course list.
Visual Basic Programming SiteLots of information on different kinds of controls (how to use CommandButtons, Labels, etc.)
The KPD-HomepageA great site that's fast, friendly, and full of useful code examples.
FreeVBCode.comA couple hundred code samples demonstrating beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques. An excellent resource!
gkmtech.comInformation on programming languages (Visual Basic, Java, C++, ...) and jobs.
Constructors in VBA paper about "constructors" in Visual Basic. If you don't know what these are, read this paper.
Windows API GuideAn extensive site describing Windows API functions and giving examples using them in Visual Basic.
The VB ForumA small site with high quality tips, tricks, and shareware/freeware.
Rational Brains Home PageA couple controls you can add to your projects.
MatrixVBA COM library of matrix math functions for Visual Basic. More than 600 functions including FFT, polynomial solving and fitting, etc.
TILISOFT Developer ResourcesVB, VBA, VB Script, Java, JavaScript, HTML, etc.
Developer's DomainCode samples and articles about Visual Basic, ASP, and Web scripting.
The Agent LaunchPadA site about using agents in VB (agents are those little characters that do things like help in the latest Office products. Clippy, Merlin, etc.).
Visual Basic BookmarkA big list of resource links for VB, other languages, Web development, etc.
Component SourceMore than 1500 programming tools and utilities.
Programmers HeavenSource code, utilities, and code samples for Visual Basic, Java, C++, Linux, and lots more. Sections on graphics, hardware, etc.
Ray's Visual Basic LandA bunch of downloads demonstrating useful techniques.
Add to Your Programming KnowledgeTips, tutorials, downloads, and more.
Microsoft's ActiveX Script controlA free product that adds a scripting engine to your programs.
ActiveSkinA shareware product that lets you create all sorts of interestingly shaped forms.
De Stefano Visual BasicA nice Italian Visual Basic site.
The Urthman’s Visual Basic Tool Shed!Several shareware and freeware development tools that may be useful. Registered and unregistered versions.
Mega VB Source CodeCode samples, downloads, ActiveX controls.
Mundo Visual - VisualBasicA Spanish Visual Basic site containing source code, ActiveX, DirectX, tutorials, and more.
el GuilleAnother large Spanish Visual Basic site.
Visual Basic Bug ListA large bug list including many from the Packaging and Deployment Wizard. Some solutions to bugs.
Visual Basic Tower of MagicA smallish site with some useful examples and tutorials, and a fantasy theme.
Microsoft's Year 2000 Portal Page A site for year 2000 information and Microsoft software updates.
zBasicsGames, tips & tricks, and some reasonably advanced examples.
CyberiaA site with some interesting downloads including a periodic table, calculator, 10-finger typing trainer, and a Yahtzee game.
Chuck Easttom's VB WorldThis site started as a beginner's site but has expanded considerably.
OfficeVBA.comA Microsoff Office site from the Informant communications group.
SocketWrenchA freeware tool for using sockets.
Slice and DiceA product for building applications using templates. Free evaluation copies.
VB ThrillerDownloads and a bunch of tips in an easy to find format.
Progar.comTutorials, examples, etc. A relatively rare FAQ on DirectX for Visual Basic.
CodeGuru VBLots of example code, discussion, etc.
Allexperts Visual Basic Q&AVolunteer experts answer VB questions. Other sections in the site answer all sorts of other questions.
vbAcceleratorAn excellent collection of advanced tips, tricks, controls, and projects including a control that lets you display popup menus with icons and text effortlessly. This site is a MUST SEE!
Andrea VB Programming and Free DownloadsA large collection of advanced code snippets including printer routines (check number of jobs on a specific printer, justify text, etc.), file tips, registry code, and much more.
Visual Basic Source CodeSeveral useful applications such as a Winsock file transfer toolkit and an HTML editor.
Designer ControlsSeveral useful controls you can buy.
Professor Smiley's Visual Basic WebsiteInteresting projects and exercises, links, and information about education.
STFB Inc.A commercial Visual Basic accounting system product.
VB LibraryLots of useful example projects.
Paul Duffield's Visual Basic ResourcesExample projects, ActiveX controls, shareware and freeware.
Australian Visual Basic User GroupThe usual user's group stuff. Downloads, newsletters, etc. A good place to become an active member.
The Visual Basic Gold SiteAbout a dozen examples and a printing shareware control.
Visual Basic SourceVB programming tips, using Access with VB, Knowledge Base, Q & A, some examples.
Red-Leif InternationalTips, examples, naming conventions, ...
Swynk.comA large list of free components and other stuff available around the net. Also examples, ASP, SQL Server, ADO, etc.
VB PlaceA German site with several dozen interesting examples.
VB NetExcellent VB example code including lots of API stuff.
A Programming Resource MegasiteSource code and stuff for a huge number of languages. Not a huge amount of VB stuff yet, but some is quite good.
CamonetTips, tricks, downloads, etc.
VB Tips & TricksAs you might guess from the name, lots of tips and tricks.
Yet Another Programming SiteA handful of Visual Basic downloads plus some VBScript and JavaScript.
Extreme VBAnother site with code samples, a few tutorials, etc.
VBingA Visual Basic site in German and English.
Smithvoice VBFunA very small site thath some advice well worth reading.
Visual Basic EmporiumTips and sample code. Not a huge amount, but some interesting stuff I have not seen elsewhere.
VB-WorldSample projects, discussion group, and a few book reviews.
Visual Basic 911Sample projects and tips, mostly for beginners.
Active Data CorporationVisual Basic consulting. Database development, client/server, etc.
Active PG DocPropA component that displays summary information for OLE2 documents like right mouse does in Windows Explorer.
VB/CEMicrosoft's page that lists the differences between VB and VB for CE.
Databits Developer Solutions by CathrynHundreds of links to useful information, code, article, etc.
Online Programming TutorialLots of tutorials, online code, etc.
SmartHTMLAn Add-In that converts Visual Basic source code into HTML code.
VBShieldVBShield modifies your program so it is harder to decompile. I don't know how this works so I cannot endorse it, but I know this is an issue of concern for a lot of people. If you have experience with this product, let me know if you like it.
TANSTAAFL SoftwareSome useful discussion groups. A good section on creating and using help files.
Knowledge Base IndexA very nice index for the Knowledge Base. You have got to check this out!
Jobs4IT.comJobs for information technology professionals. Free search for jobs.
Visual Basic Project Management JournalA unique site dedicated to project management issues. Book reviews, discussions, and articles about controlling Visual Basic development.
Duek Web PageA good selection of samples, tip, and tricks. I particularly like the example that associates a file extension with a program.
Tune It! ocxAn OCX that gives you lots of information about Windows 95/98 systems.
Visual Basic Open VaultSource code, programs, and a new Visual Basic discussion group.
Andy's Visual Basic PageVisual Basic source code, sample applications, etc.
WOTHCommercial program that converts Word documents into help files.
VB Debug WorkshopCommercial product that adds error handling to VB programs.
GravityBox Software10 or so ActiveX controls for sale. Download trial versions.
Tower Production's Visual Basic SiteJame Rushing's Visual Basic Web site.
Visual Basic Web DirectoryGobs of links to useful Visual Basic resources.
www.vbcode.comA huge number of code snippets. If you like VB Helper, you will probably like this site. Check it out!
CPB-VB Design StudioSome editor and game programs.
Yet another VB siteSource code, How-to's, links.
DiP's VB WorldNice site with lots of downloads, tutorials, etc.
Visual Basic ThunderA great site with a fair bit of interesting code.
Gelowitz Visual Basic Code SourceA growing collection of downloads and sample source code.
The Coding BoxA pretty nice assortment of source code, API examples, etc.
Bjerkly VB-CentreA site with some links and a couple examples. It should grow in the future.
Programmerz.comThis site contains free source code. They are trying to build a large library of contributed software in all programming languages. They offer free Web hosting and email to those who contribute.
The SourceCode samples, suggestions, downloads, etc. Some good advanced stuff including freeware message hook controls, a VB4/16 disassembler, VB3 disassembler, etc.
Kurtz's Computer Software Development LibraryA new site dedicated to the design and development process. Different from the other programming sites you'll find.
DJ's Computer LabsFree VB6 ActiveX controls.
Vision Factory MultimediaSeveral inexpensive ActiveX controls such as a round button and CD writing code. These are not amazingly complex controls, but they are free for private use and cheap for commercial use.
VB5 FunA couple really useful tricks such as exporting data for other databases and making an MRU list.
Visual Basic Made EasyA small site that currently has introductory material.
Nod ProgrammingProgramming, Art, Help Files, Source Code, Ideas. "We at Nod Programming, Inc. program for the love of our art, the art of programming."
Visual Basic BakeryTips, tricks, some simple tutorials, a few games, some ActiveX controls,... a bit of everything.
Henrik Gütle's Home PageA German site with interesting graphics but not a lot of content yet.
Kosit's Home PageA Thai Web site.
Shay's Visual Basic CornerA fair bit of interesting material including a Top-Ten List of Programming Sins. A bit hard to navigate, though.
Visual Basic Open VaultMostly beginner's tutorials. Some nice overviews of certain kinds of functions (for example, I/O).
Developers.NetA huge job search site. If you're looking for a job, don't miss this one.
Visual Basic NewswireA remarkable source for Visual Basic news. Daily news and a weekly newsletter.
Planetwide SoftwareCommercial VB 5 components and ActiveX controls. Products include an API viewer, color selector, calendar, exploding menu control, and enhanced TextBox.
GD's DomainDownload small samples. Lots of intermediate and advanced tips including API stuff.
Visual Basic Guide Siteat the Mining Co. Tips, tricks, example code, etc. You should take a look at this site.
Kavalants' HomepageDownload the source code for a simple text editor.
Zarr's VB Web SiteA large site with lots of information. Source code, news, favorite Knowledge Base articles, and more.
VB AreaLots of downloads, tips, and advice. Well worth a look!
Stars VB PageDownloads, tutorials, etc.
Beyond The Basics Of Visual BasicAdvanced downloads. A few book recommendations. Career information.
JP & ML's Visual Basic and Corel Draw PlaceQ & A, Tutorials, Downloads, etc. for VB and Corel Draw. Small but promising.
The Visual Basic CellLots of examples, source code downloads, tutorials, etc.
The New VB PalaceA decent FAQ, source code, DLLs, etc.
VB Sources and OCX SharewareLots of shareware downloads: Print preview OCX, gradient titlebars, enumerate networks, etc.
vbhelp.NETMostly beginner's tutorials. A fair amount of material.
One-Stop SourceShopA collection of code that noted author Karl E. Peterson has written over the years. A great source for production-quality code.
Vladmir's ON-LINE CribA small site with a few links, help, downloads, etc. Vladmir promises this will grow soon. (May be down temporarily for a while.)
BoBoSoftA small site with a few links and stuff. (May be down temporarily for a while.)
Common Controls Replacement ProjectA project that is trying to provide more powerful free replacements for Microsoft's Common Controls and Common Dialogs. Lots of free downloads.
John Stalcup's Web siteMuch improved navigation and download for a chat application, a drawing application, and some other stuff.
ShrinkWrap VBA small site with free code for game, ActiveX, and multimedia programmers.
Win32 Programming RealmTips & tricks, sample code, and tutorials on the API and DirectX.
Programación Visual BasicFernando Hunth's site in English and Spanish.
Programmers PlusNot much so far except plenty of promise. Drop by and see if you can contribute something.
Somser BBSFreeware, tips, ActiveX controls, etc. in Spanish.
Visual Basic Web Magazine 
Visual Basic Game and Application DevelopmentA small site with lots of promise. Hopefully this will turn into a useful game site.
Compu-Tel Visual Basic ProjectsThis site contains a nice step-by-step introduction for beginners as well as other material.
Australian Visual Developers ForumA very nice bimonthly ezine with information on Visual Basic, Delphi, and other visual topics.
SFC Software Homepage by Patrick HealeyA little bit of everything: freeware, tips, links, etc.
Theodore's Visual Basic Site 
Jelsoft VB-World 
VBWeb 98by Craig Parsons.
Nerd World programming page 
Online Visual Basic training 
vbDomainThe new name for the old VB Garbage site.
Windows User Interface Design Guide 
Microsoft VB Owners areaSample code and updates.
VBA PowertoolsAdd-ins (like a popup thesaurus) you can add to Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.).
The A B C pageBook recommendations (lots of Access, only a few VB right now).
Richard Grier's home pageInformation about Dick's book on serial communications.
All Things to All People Visual Programming Page 
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page 
Gary Beene's Visual Basic World 
Cool VB 
Chris & Tim's RAD Web Site 
Ask the VB Pro 
Visual Basic ExplorerAimed at VB novices.
Visual Basic On Line User Group 
Microsoft's Visual Basic Home page 
Differences in Visual Basic versions 
Microsoft's Visual Basic Tips 
The Phil Weber Home PageA few old but interesting tips and tricks.
Visual Basic GroepDutch VB user's group (English available).
Resources for WinHelp AuthorsHelp authoring links and information.
Matt Hart's VB pagesExamples for VB3, VB4, and VB5.

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