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  Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference: Updates  
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IMPORTANT: This page contains information about the first edition of this book: Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference. Other editions:

No project of this size can be completely without errors and this is no exception. It's sort of like writing a 300,000 word Visual Basic program without the benefit of a compiler to check your spelling and grammar. This page describes some improvements to the example programs and the mistakes found so far. If you find other errors, please let me know.

Thanks to the following for reporting errors: Ged Mead, Gilles Plante.

Improved Programs

These are enhancements to programs that you may find useful.

amowbray asked about the printing program in Chapter 23 pages 643-646 in the book's Wrox forum. The code was not correctly ending pages while printing a long series of short paragraphs.

It seems that MeasureString always allows you to print at least one line. When the code gets near the bottom of the page, it sometimes thinks it can print some text when it has actually run out of room.

Download an improved version of the program here.


These are generally more annoying than confusing.

16In the fourth paragraph's second-to-last sentence, "Option Strict" should be "Option Explicit."
26In the Toggle Breakpoint parapraph talks about symbols representing breakpoints in Figure 1-21. Instead, look at Figure 1-26. In that figure, line 3 contains a breakpoint and the point of execution, and lines 4 and 5 contain breakpoints. In the following figure, line 4 contains a breakpoint and the point of execution, line 5 contains a breakpoint, and line 7 contains a disabled breakpoint.

33In the middle of the page, "Command and Intermediate" should be "Command and Immediate."
57Linda noticed that Figure 1-57 shows the wrong picture. Click here to see the correct figure.
96-100Blocks of text repeat. For example: "ValidateFiveDigits checks the . . . message for the TextBox control" appears 3 times. On pages 98, 99 and 100, "When the user tries ... that the data is invalid" is also repeated 3 times. (I think this sort of problem appeared in the final stages. There was some text that I wrote, an editor moved, and then I moved again. I suspect production printed it in all three locations.)
212In the second highlighted code, this:

    variable = IIf(condition, value_if_false, value_if_true)

Should be:

    variable = IIf(condition, value_if_true, value_if_false)
547The translation matrix is transposed. It should look like this:

    |  1  0  0 |
    |  0  1  0 |
    | Tx Ty  1 |
645The code that prints page numbers has incorrect comments. For even pages instead of saying "The gutter is on the left," it should say "The gutter is on the right so the page number is on the left." Similarly for odd pages it should say "The gutter is on the left so the page number is on the right."
721In the second-to-last paragraph before the code, all occurrences of "Option Explicit" should be "Option Strict." I think my fingers were typing faster than my brain was thinking.
784Henry O'Mara discovered that the bottom of the table of Assignment Operators was chopped off. There should be two more lines and a sentence after it:

 Operator  Example  Original Syntax Equivalent 
<<=A <<= BA = A << B
>>=A >>= BA = A >> B

There are no assignment operators corresponding to Mod or the Boolean operators.

848The descriptions for the MonthCalendar control's SelectStart and SelectEnd properties is switched. SelectedStart represents the first date and SelectionEnd represents the last date.

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  Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference: Updates  
Overview Table of Contents Source Code
Updates Wrox Forum Info at

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