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  Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Code Library: Table of Contents  
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This book contains 173 fully explained example programs with source code on the CD-ROM. Here is a list of the book's chapters and some of the topics covered in each. This list is intended to give you can idea of what is covered and not every topic is listed for every chapter.

  1. Working With Variables. Easily initialize arrays, how to quickly copy memory, use nested user-defined types (UDTs), hide data from parts of a program, use classes and Implements, track object creation and destruction, understand Null.
  2. Manipulating Numbers. Generate random numbers, create a simple cipher, randomize one- and two-dimensional arrays, sort lists, take numeric roots, perform other numeric tasks.
  3. Handling Text. Search for and replace text, find last occurrences of text, tokenize strings, parse commands.
  4. Formatting Output. Format numbers, change data types safely, justify output, use the clipboard, copy, cut and paste pictures.
  5. Tackling Timers. Make blinking text, make a countdown timer, make a digital clock, display a scrolling marquee.
  6. Starting and Stopping. Start a program by dragging files onto its icon, use environment variables, start another program, get the Windows version, unload all forms, run a batch file, wait for another program to finish.
  7. Network Programming. Map a network share, display Web documents, display HTML code, parse HTML code.
  8. Taming TextBoxes. Clear all TextBoxes, automatically select text, turn carriage returns into tabs, make a RichTextBox editor, find the word under the mouse, validate fields, ensure that all text is visible, hide a TextBox's caret, replace or remove a TextBox's context menu, right justify or center a single line TextBox.
  9. Using ListBoxes and ComboBoxes. Find selected items, find ItemData values, change dropdown height and width, use tabs, save and restore values.
  10. Using ListView and TreeView. Use the ListView and TreeView controls, use these controls together, let the user drag TreeView nodes, save and restore TreeView data.
  11. Using Other Controls. Play audio and video files, display progress bars and status bars, let the user select fonts and files, use tabs, use buttons with pictures, make a highlighting control.
  12. Managing Controls. Learn control array bounds, load controls at run time, enable controls in a container, use accelerators, build two-dimensional control arrays, build a splitter, build a scrolled window.
  13. Generating Graphics. Separate colors, make a color gradient, use compressed graphics, resize pictures, tile a form with an image, let the user select an area, simulate Alt-PrntScrn, draw polygons.
  14. Implementing Animation. Draw animated objects, let the user drag objects quickly.
  15. Using Fonts. List available fonts, use superscripts and subscripts, create new fonts, draw rotated and curved text.
  16. Making Menus. Use popup menus, make menu items at run time, disable the Close command, list a form's menus, add items to a form's System menu.
  17. Managing Forms. Size a form in inches, keep one form on top of another, display a form by name, manage hourglass cursors, make irregularly shaped forms, center a form, display an icon in the system tray, move a form with no title bar.
  18. Using Files and Directories. See if a file exists, read a file's contents, read and write arrays quickly, count the lines in a file, list directories and subdirectories, search for files, find a directory's size, copy a directory hierarchy, move files into the wastebasket.
  19. Using the Registry. Track a program's usage, use a one-time password, perform one-time initialization, provide a tip-of-the-day, save and restore settings, read unusual registry entries.


  Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Code Library: Table of Contents  
Overview Table of Contents Sample Text
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